“Brisa Mística” released


I have just published my latest album called “Brisa Mística”. It is available through several streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.

In memoriam of my mom: She already knew this music and she liked “El mensaje del viento”; she would have been happy of this release.

Music: “Stigmata” published


I have just published my second album: “Stigmata“. It is already available through several streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.

Some info:

Hardware used:

  • MacBook Pro 13″ mid-2012
  • Yamaha PSR-213e
  • Casio CDP-220R
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Software used:

Cover artwork:

  • Zdenka Kristel Johnson-Kirigin Orías

Dedicated to:

  • Zdenka, my beautiful wife; Ariana, my little daughter; and Salomé, my mother.

In memoriam:

  • Stephen Johnson (1927-2017), a wise owl. I am pretty sure he would have liked this work.

Music: Introducing “poiesis” again and again

Though I composed this work on 1997; I am publishing it again with a lot of improvements and some changes:

  • Modernized the sound a little bit.
  • Removed a lot of noises and effects.
  • Replaced several sampled instruments by AudioUnits.
  • Started to use Renoise instead of OpenMPT and Impulse Tracker.
  • Equalized, mixed and remastered again and again.

This is the hardware I used to “implement” this work:

  • MacBook Pro (mid 2010, mid 2012 for “update 1”) and MacMini (mid 2011).
  • Yamaha PSR-18.
  • Yamaha PSR-213e.

This is the software I used:

  • Impulse Tracker (the original version was implemented on this amazing piece of work).
  • OpenMPT.
  • Renoise 3.1.
  • nlogPoly Synth.
  • Korg M1e software emulator.
  • Imperfect Samples’ Steinway Walnut Concert Grand.
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 5.
  • Audacity.

The artwork was created by my wife: Zdenka Johnson-Kirigin Orías.

The C++17 code shown in the first cover is compilable code (if you define everything used before).

This is the song list:

  1. La nada
  2. Theogenesis
  3. Emerger del caos
  4. El espíritu de la verdad
  5. El diseño
  6. Fiat lux
  7. Big-bang
  8. (update 1) Big-bang 12″
  9. El primer segundo
  10. El mal
  11. Expansión
  12. Brillo estelar
  13. Agujero negro
  14. El libro de la vida
  15. Hogar
  16. Sosiego

Update (20161231): I published a remastered version of this album containing a 12″ version of “Big-bang”. The Spotify player URI in this entry was also modified to refer to “Poiesis Update 1”  :)