These last two months in my spare time I was working on a new UI toolkit written on top of SDL2.

My design decisions about it were:

  • Coded in modern C++17.
  • Support for WebAssembly since the very beginning.
  • Built on top of SDL2 because of its portability to several platforms and because SDL2 is WebAssembly-ready thanks to Emscripten.
  • Template-based ==> Header files only.
  • Policy-design based, composition through multiple inheritance.
  • No runtime polymorphism.
  • Highly customizable.
  • All controls created using value semantics, i.e. no manual memory allocation.

It is in a very initial stage, the API is highly unstable yet, even my design decisions could change depending on how the implementation goes and whether the emerging requirements will fit in the current design; but it is starting to get shape.

So, please take a look at:

The demo code is in the “demo” folder. The only control available is a button.



Brisa Mística


I have just published my latest album called “Brisa Mística”. It is available through several streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.

In memoriam of my mom: She already knew this music and she liked “El mensaje del viento”; she would have been happy of this release.



Hace una semana se fue a un mejor lugar, dejó de sufrir esa enfermedad que la estaba consumiendo de a poquito los últimos cuatro meses, dejó de desesperarse por ya no poder ser lo que fue, como fue.

Y sí, sé que está ahora en paz, pero ya no está aquí, ya no la escucharé reir, llorar, sufrir, reñirme o jugar; ya no la escucharé haciendo cariños a mi wawa ni volveré a comer la comidita que siempre hacía para mí, o “para las chicas”, ni volveremos a reunirnos a cenar con ella en familia en fechas importantes.

Sé también que aunque ya no está, sigue aquí recordada, querida.

Te extraño mangre…

Salomé Pantoja

Music: “Stigmata” published


I have just published my second album: “Stigmata“. It is already available through several streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.

Some info:

Hardware used:

  • MacBook Pro 13″ mid-2012
  • Yamaha PSR-213e
  • Casio CDP-220R
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Software used:

Cover artwork:

  • Zdenka Kristel Johnson-Kirigin Orías

Dedicated to:

  • Zdenka, my beautiful wife; Ariana, my little daughter; and Salomé, my mother.

In memoriam:

  • Stephen Johnson (1927-2017), a wise owl. I am pretty sure he would have liked this work.