Music: “Stigmata” published

Hello, I have just published¬†my second album: "Stigmata". It is already available through several streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc. Some info: Hardware used: MacBook Pro 13" mid-2012 Yamaha PSR-213e Casio CDP-220R Audio Technica ATH-M50x Software used: Renoise 3.1 Tempo Rubato's NLogPoly Synth Imperfect Samples' Steinway Walnut Concert Grand Piano… Continue reading Music: “Stigmata” published


classeine: Introducing classeine

Hello, The last three months in my spare time I was developing a framework (called classeine) aimed to make easier to code and run server-side RESTful apps using modern C++. My first preview (actually more a proof of concept than a proper release) has these features: Include files only, totally based on templates. No virtual… Continue reading classeine: Introducing classeine

Music: Introducing “poiesis” again and again


spotify:album:3JVSwbNPbs9A3E2CWFjrwH Though I composed this work on 1997; I am publishing it again with a lot of improvements and some changes: Modernized the sound a little bit. Removed a lot of noises and effects. Replaced several sampled instruments by AudioUnits. Started to use Renoise instead of OpenMPT and Impulse Tracker. Equalized, mixed and remastered again… Continue reading Music: Introducing “poiesis” again and again