C++: Pimpl

Let’s say we defined this class inside a Reader.DLL DLL:

class DLLEXPORT Reader
    Reader(const std::string& filename);

    std::string ReadLine() const;
    bool        IsEndOfFile()    const;        

    FILE* file;

This class lets us read from a file once.
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C++: The curiously recurring template pattern

Let’s consider the following class:

class Writer
    Writer() { }
    virtual ~Writer() { }

    virtual void write(const char* aStr) const = 0;

This class will be useful as the base class for implementing several specialized writers (a file writer and a console writer come to my mind right now), for instance:
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C++: Inheritance on template specialization

When you implement something like:

/* 1 */ template <typename T> class MyClass { ... }; //template class for every T

/* 2 */ template <> class MyClass<char> { ... };  //template class full specialization for T=char

You are saying the C++ compiler: “Please, use the first template for all the MyClass<T> instances with any T except for the MyClass<T> instances where T = char”.
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C++: First message

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main()
  string greeting = "Ifmmp!xpsme\"";
  for (string::const_iterator i = greeting.begin(); i != greeting.end(); ++i)
       cout << static_cast<char>((*i) - 1);
  cout << endl;
  return 0;

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