classeine: Introducing classeine


The last three months in my spare time I was developing a framework (called classeine) aimed to make easier to code and run server-side RESTful apps using modern C++.

My first preview (actually more a proof of concept than a proper release) has these features:

  • Include files only, totally based on templates.
  • No virtual methods, except on classes derived from std::exception.
  • All pieces pluggable on compile time (using kind of policy-based design).
  • Logging:
    • Console logger
    • No logger
  • Configuration
    • Memory configuration
  • Façades mechanism
  • Data stores
    • Memory data store
    • SQL data store
    • Simple ORM
  • Data providers
  • Connection pooling
  • Cache
    • In-proc memory cache
  • Web-server interface
  • REST API framework
  • Automatic object serialization/deserialization to/from JSON (using PicoJSON)
  • Automatic memory management (through RAII and shared pointers).
  • Domain objects and REST controllers metadata using std::tuples.
  • BSD license.
  • This version written using clang++ 3.8 on Netbeans 8.1.

A lot of things are still missing but I will be adding them gradually.

Take a look at the very first implementation at:

I will be adding more features, info, examples and tutorials in next days.


2 thoughts on “classeine: Introducing classeine”

  1. I find your project very interesting! Do you plan to publish the source code?

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